Honnes met with health professionals in expomed 2017 | Honnes

Honnes met with health professionals in expomed 2017

Honnes, the country’s new generation of adhesive wound care products manufacturer, took its place at the Expomed 2017 Fair with its Alpheta, B-good and Clivex brands with the strength and confidence of more than 20 years experiences in the fields of production, logistics and sales-marketing in the healthcare sector, Alpheta Plus plaster, which gives strong adhesion without irritating the skin, was also launched at the most important meeting platform of the Eurasian Region and Turkey in the medical field.

Honnes participated the Expomed Turkey with Alpheta, Clivex and Bgood brands and welcomed many visitors from Turkey and abroad for 4 days between the dates of 30th March and 2nd of April 2017.

Health administrators, health workers, medical companies, pharmacists, foundations – associations, students and final consumers showed great interest from all regions of Turkey. New business connections were also established with foreign trade companies from abroad.